Reseller & Income Opportunities

Sell Web Hosting, Make Money

Propellerhead Hosting man with propellerhead hat holding dollar signStart your own hosting service or add hosting to your service stack by becoming PropellerheadHosting reseller partner. Our partners enjoy the same reliability we offer direct customers, but with increasingly generous discounts as your business grows. Our white-label services allow us to look like an extension of your own business which keeps your startup costs and ongoing overhead low.

We provide you with all the tools, features, and discounts, that can start earning you high profits and without the worries of the server maintenance, and administration tasks that are required behind the scenes. This is all handled by our highly qualified technical support and admin staff!

Who Are Resellers?

Resellers can be just about anyone. Here are some profiles of our resellers:

  • Web Designers
  • Open Source Software (OSS) Projects
  • Crafting Site Designers
  • Software Developers
  • Boutique Hosting Companies
  • Niche WebHosting Providers
  • B2B Service Providers

We Love Web Designers

Add PropellerHeadHosting's white-label hosting services to your offerings. We can handle the technical platform details, while you keep your creative processes flowing for your clients and helping to grow their web successes -- we will look like your built-in tech support staff with very little to no direct contact with your clients unless you wish it. Give us a try if you are looking to add hosting services to your offerings without the technical hassles.

Reseller Program Benefits

  No Contracts

  No Setup Fees

  White-labeled Services. We attempt to act in generic ways so that your customer can work with you directly -- as if we were like your staff.

  Resell by Account. - No need to hassle with allocating space and resources on a bulk reseller account. Easily setup your client by chosing the hosting plan you wish to use.

  Reseller Branding - Add your own logo and support links to client control panels.

  Hosting Plan Branding - Rename our hosting plans to ones you desire for branding purposes. Available only to Resellers with 10+ accounts.

  Domain Name Servers - Providing your own Domain Name Server (DNS) names helps keep us hidden from your clients. We also provide generic named DNS servers if you do not want to hassle with maintaining DNS server listings at your domain registrar. Custom DNS names available only to Resellers with 10+ accounts.

  Web Host Manager - The Web Host Manager (WHM) from cPanel gives you complete control over setting up and managing resold accounts! This point and click interface provides a user friendly environment. Features include: Account Creation, Account Termination, Suspend/Unsuspend Account, Password Modification, View Account Bandwidth Usage, List Accounts, and more!

  Host All Domain Extensions - Our servers support all domain name extensions. This enables you to market globally.

  Very Little Pressure - Remain a reseller as long as you maintain your a base starter pack plus 1 (one) or more additional accounts.

  Volume Discounts - Bigger discounts for resellers with 50+ and 100+ accounts.

  FREE Tech Support - by email tech support tickets.

Reseller Starter Plan - Shared Hosting

To start as a reseller, order our reseller starter pack below, along with the length of term you desire. Once we approve your oder and get your account setup, you will be able to start reselling immediately. You can easily add more accounts to your reseller account by sending us a request via a support ticket or ordering from a customized URL we provide you.

Reseller Starter Pack

$30.50 / mo*

12 Months

  • 3 My Blade Accounts to Resell

  • 2 Big Blade Accounts to Resell

  • 1 Big Blade Account to Use

  • WHM Reseller Hosting Control Panel

  • Initial Price = Renewal Price

Per Account Expansions

$3.75 / mo*

My Blade plan for 12 months

Initial Price = Renewal Price

$5.75 / mo*

Big Blade plan for 12 months

Initial Price = Renewal Price

$9.75 / mo*

Pro Blade plan for 12 months

Initial Price = Renewal Price

How It Works

The reseller program is for those that wish to host their own hosting site as well as handle the client billing and support. For those that find sending clients to a signup link a better option should look at our Affiliate Program which pays on referrals for the life of referred accounts.

Step One: sign up for a starter pack listed above and allocate one account for your own site. The allocated site is required to link your resold accounts to you on the web hosting servers. We list 1 Big Blade for this purpose but you can select a My Blade account instead.

Step Two: sign up and bill clients on your site. Optionally you can request private signup pages for your hosting packages and selected addons for a small setup fee.

Step Three: when you need additional resold accounts, go to a private signup page we provide you to add reseller discounted accounts as needed or send a request using a suport ticket.

Add Services to Your Accounts

If you wish to add items to your resold accounts, such as Marketgoo, OX App Suite, etc, you can open a support ticket and we will gladly add the addon services to that account and billing.

Custom Reseller Hosting Packages & Signups

For a small setup fee, we can setup custom plan signup pages for you for up to 4 different hosting plans configured to your needs. Two options exist.

First option is a page where that you can send your customers to us directly for billing and signups and then we pay you the reseller discount (quarterly if under $75 in discounts per month) you would normally get if you handled billing yourself (this option is less white-lable like).

The second option is where we setup private signup pages that you use for your custom hosting packages (up to 4) at the reseller discount you qualify for, keeping your clients on your site for billing purposes.

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