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propellerhead_money.jpg - 28535 Bytes Now you too can successfully make money selling hosting services to your customers while we deliver them the great hosting services they need. This is excellent for web designers looking to expand their services or anyone wanting to start their own hosting services company.

We provide you with all the tools, features, and discounts, that can start earning you high profits and without the worries of the server maintenance, and administration tasks that are required behind the scenes. This is all handled by our highly qualified technical support and admin staff!

Most importantly, the customer is always YOUR CUSTOMER - we remain completely transparent to your clients, while you collect the money.

After reviewing our Reseller Benefits below, visit our reseller plan pages to view our reseller plans and discounts at the following links:

Shared Hosting Reseller Plans | Dedicated Server Reseller Plans

Shared Hosting Reseller Benefits Include:

No Contracts - No Setup Fees

FREE Reseller Branding - Add your own logo and support links to client control panels.

FREE Hosting Plan Branding - Rename our hosting plans to ones you desire for branding purposes. Available only to Resellers with 10 accounts or more.

FREE Name Servers - Providing your own Name Servers keeps us hidden from your clients. We also provide generic named DNS servers.

FREE Generic Shared SSL - Provide generic named "shared SSL" access to your clients.

Web Host Manager - The Web Host Manager gives you complete control over setting up and managing resold accounts! Our point and click interface provides a user friendly environment. Features include: Account Creation, Account Termination, Suspend/Unsuspend Account, Password Modification, View Account Bandwidth Usage, List Accounts, and more!

Reseller Center: This reseller management area was specifically designed for our resellers and completely takes the guess work out of using our services. Reseller's can access this area from any page of our web site or bookmark it for easier access. This area is how resellers communicate with us regarding all aspects and issues regarding their reseller account and resold accounts. From this area Resellers can obtain technical support, make billing inquiries, upgrade/downgrade reseller packages, request more accounts or services, obtain welcome letter templates to use for new accounts, as well as find other useful information that will assist them in being a successful web hosting provider.

Host All Domain Extensions - Our servers support all domain name extensions. This enables you to market globally.

FREE Assistance with AgoraCart - Providing support to you in helping your clients with AgoraCart integration / installations. (by Email or Skype)

FREE Tech Support - by Email, online tech support tickets, Skype, or Phone.

Two Types of Reseller Plans - Providing "Shared Hosting" or "Dedicated Server" Reseller Plans. Dedicated servers are offered to qualified resellers at a discount. Shared Hosting: whether you wan to add one plan at a time or buy in lots of 5 or 10, or pay annually or quarterly, we have plenty of options to help you get started reselling today!

View our Reseller Plans and discounts available by choosing one of the following links:

Shared Hosting Reseller Plans | Dedicated Server Reseller Plans

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